The Collaborators

The Collaborators

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team collaborators

How on earth did we get into this?

This started as a side discussion in a long corporate meeting in California where Elias and Andy were dreaming about where we would rather be... and oddly enough the answer for both was India. Elias recalled seeing an item from 'The Adventurists' about a wild adventure across India, and a bit of surreptitious browsing later we had registered interest and when the time came we secured an 'Auto'. We needed a third member and Elias knew that Sankar was the right sort and they had spoken about this previously. So.. buttons pressed... deposits paid... the venture is on! And these 3 amigos will converge in Southern India (with only a modicum of essential preparation) and begin the journey of a lifetime in team 'Collaborators'.

A lot of sweat, discomfort, noise, and breakdowns with a dab of fun, laughter, and bafflement...all with the hope of seeing the real India and raising money for Two important Causes.

Elias "Eli" Jimenez
Miami Beach, FL, US
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Andy Stoker
Southampton, UK
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Sankar Venkatraman
San Jose, CA, US
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